Health success stories everyone should read
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Below are real life success stories from people I know
including my story! I started on a wonderful journey and
have seen amazing results in only a month.
I've witnessed first hand the results shared below.
If you know anyone dealing with heart disease, diabetes,
looking to lose weight, arthritis, or joint pain,
then they need to read this.

Health Success Stories

Health Success Stories on Heart Disease, Arthritis, Joint Relief, and Weight Loss

Arthritis Pain Relief for Karen: I met Karen at her business and shared about my recent weight loss thanks to some great supplements and nutrition products I started taking. She asked if there was anything for her arthritic hands and showed me how she couldn't make a fist. I looked into it and discovered there was. She ordered the product and got it on a Saturday, took it on Sunday, and by Wednesday she could make a fist without pain!

Shoulder Pain Relief for Rhonda: Rhonda heard of Karen's success story and also started taking the product for joint relief. In less than a week she could move her arm up over the top of her head for the first time in three years! The added benefit is she can sleep through the night and not toss and turn from the pain. She's well rested and there is an increase in her energy.

Heart Disease Relief, Diabetes Relief, Cholesterol Relief, and Weight Loss by Jim: For the past twenty-two years I've been fighting heart disease within my own body. At age fifty-six in November of 1991 I underwent quadruple bi-pass heart surgery.

Four years after the surgery I retired from my job as a public school superintendent. Four years ago on my seventy-fourth birthday I weighed 240 pounds. Needless to say I had high blood pressure. In my annual health checkup appointment my doctor sat me down and explained what a diagnosis of diabetes and high blood pressure could mean for me if I didn't take my health seriously. I decided to lose weight and get down to 175 pounds, my weight when I graduated from high school. I took a series of nutrition classes and started walking twenty minutes each morning and eating less bread and potatoes and gravy.

A couple of weeks later I was introduced to excellent heart healthy products and signed up as an associate. My first experience was a five to ten pound weight loss program in less than a week. That program is designed to help change eating habits. I ate nothing but what was recommended in that program. I lost nine pounds in those five days and that was the end of my eating three high calorie meals a day and eating more high calorie foods as snacks.

Each morning before seven thirty I've taken a twenty minute walk and eaten my main meal of the day. I have a midmorning snack, a light lunch of regular food, an afternoon snack, and a small size evening meal and a snack before bed time.

On most days I eat a small bowl of mixed nuts and dried berries and fresh fruit and veggies. I drink lots of water and a small glass of red wine at bed time. I take no meds to control my diabetes, just diet and excersise does it!

My blood tests throughout the years had my HDL Cholesterol around 35 - should be over 40, preferably over 60 and my LDL Cholesterol around 120 or better - should be less than 100. My last test shows the HDL at 42 and the LDL t 73 thanks to my nutritional products, a new way of eating and regular exercise. I have been down to 175 pounds for the last three and half years. My blood pressure is in a good range and my blood sugar is great.

My story of losing 20+ pounds in a month: I was overweight. I knew it and could feel it. After a three year separation and eventual divorce depression had taken over and I medicated with fast food, pizza, and sweets. I could see it in the mirror and wondered would I ever get back to my athletic body I had in my 20s and 30s. Was this my destiny for my 40s and later years?

After venting about being overwhelmed by debt from the divorce and wanting to get back into shape I was introduced to nutritional products from a friend. The day after I started taking them I could feel something different in my body. It was amazing. There was something different.

I started changing my eating habits and shopped in the outer isles of the grocery store eating only things high in protein. I cut out pop. The nutritional products provided a breakfast, a lunch, and then I'd have mostly chicken and veggies for dinner with the occaisional steak. After my daughter was picked up by her mom on Sundays I would first jog two miles. Then in a couple of weeks after being on the products I got to 4 miles. Then the following week I ran six miles! I haven't done that since college! And I only ran on Sunday night.

Well a month and a half ago my daughter and I went to a water park. For the group rides you have to jump on a scale. I jumped on by myself and saw the digital read out going back and forth from 220 to 225. I had never been that heavy in my life. I'm a television meteorologist and viewers would send in emails telling me I was overweight because my suits didn't fit! Yesterday we went to the water park again. I got on the scale and it read 197! I'm so impressed I became an associate with the company and now I'm getting paid to be healthy. Life is wonderful!

Ammended: Just got off the scale and a little over the 7 week mark I've lost 30 lbs!

Here is how to find the relief those above have: First open my associate Health and Wellness site.

Don't hesitate contact us right now and I will answer any questions.