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Gardening Journal Book


Gardening is a tradition that has enriched lives in the United States. It's an activity that stretches across the economical boundries of life. Drive through an upper class neighborhood and you'll see the same beautiful flowers that you'd find in a lower class neighborhood. Gardening is really so much more for individuals though. The one who actually plants and maintains the garden gets so much more out of life than someone who quickly glances at the beauty. There is something about being in your yard and cultivating the dirt and soil, picking out the rocks and the weeds to achieve your goal of planting. You deal with reality and are taken out of the fast pace of life in america that is in my opinion a disease hurting our culture and kids. Looking at something as simple as a bug, bird, or even a worm can bring us back to ground zero and Gods creation.

Gardening helps the family too especially kids. If you bring in children to help that moment will be sealed in thier memories for life. I sit here as a middle aged man and clearly remember in great detail working with my grandparents in thier small to medium size garden. I can still picture the old wood fence posts and the gate draped in chicken wire. I still see the grape vines draped over the back fences and the little bird houses perched on the corner post. I can almost feel the dirt beneath my feet walking down the rows of corn, tomatoes, peppers, squash, green beans, and my favorite the peas. There isn't anything better than picking those pods off the plant and giving them a quick wash and eating them raw. Of course in the process you're occaisionally swiping at a horse fly or mosquito. My other grandparents had a smaller house in a more city setting but I can still see and smell the lilacs and the hanging geraniums as I mowed the lawn. I can see my grandfather with his hose watering those plants today.

Gardens of course come in so many shapes, sizes, and styles. There are the residential flower gardens draped with roses, daffodils, and perenials of all kind of wonderful colors. And can be in the size of a flower pot. We recently had something cool happen. A large pot that was full of beautiful perennials was put aside in spring due to a busy lifestyle. It sat out of sight tucked away in the corner of the yard. However it was getting some water from the sprinklers so one day this beautiful garden came to life without any help from us! We moved it to the front of the house! I love the large farms with abundant crops. There isn't anything like driving by a large field with the farmer and his tractor going to town. Corn fields, potatoes and onions are common out here but when mint is planted on a large scale and they cure that. The aroma is amazing and travels very far!

Gardens of course mark the times of history of the world and this great country. From Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden to the Pilgrims and the great Thanksgiving dinner God continues to use the garden to mark the times of creation. So no matter what your status is or where you live try slowing down and planting a garden today!

Gardening Journal Book

This handmade journal book is stamped in gold. 120 lined pages with natural fibers that opens flat for ease in making entries. An inexpensive gift idea for the gardening enthusiest. Or treat yourself and track your planting throughout the year. The journal is 9x6 inches and the picture is just below actual size.

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