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Rob and Sarah's Wedding Weather

Your Customized Wedding Weather Audio Forecast


A Professional Broadcast Just For Your Wedding

Bride and Groom holding hands in tuxedo and wedding dress
Have your own Customized Audio Weather Broadcast that you and your guests can enjoy. We'll produce a forecast for you everyday starting two weeks prior to your wedding we can e-mail it to you and your guests daily, provide a link to a wedding web site you already have, or you can sign up for a FREE Wedding Weather Website and we'll activate it there, or do all three!

Why wait for television or a radio weather forecast when the odds are the broadcaster isn't even a meteorologist! You can have your own wedding weather broadcast free from a meteorologist with 20 years of forecasting and broadcasting experience. We'll have some fun and tag on words of encouragement from your friends and family on request.

Just E-mail us and include the following information: Wedding Date, Wedding Location, Name of the Bride and Groom, and Honeymoon Location. Please include contact information like your e-mail address or phone number and we'll then get your site created and contact you when it's ready.

Note: If you don't want the Wedding Weather Website but do want the Audio Weather Forecast than use the e-mail link above. If you want the audio forecast and the free wedding weather web page then go to the Wedding Weather Website link above and indicate with the email on that page you'd like both free services. Or you can send two seperate e-mails if you already signed up for one.