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Great Local Exposure and a Large Audience.
Our New IWOAS System is a hit!
We've developed an observation system for U.S. Interstates

that displays specific weather for Cities along it!
You can put your banner ad and link near a specific city!

Try our popular IWOAS for I95 to see how it works.
IWOAS Sample

Great Advertising exposure on one of the top weather sites online

Here's How To Start Advertising

First off we do not Advertise for any Pornography sites or any other immoral web site.
Only requests along with a PayPal Payment of $25 will be honored.
If you want multiple cities or pages then pay for one below
and then contact us requesting multiple advertisements.
We'll contact you to work out the details!

If you want to place an ad on a specific page on
then just follow the instructions below and in the email
name the specific page and select the specific page option
given in the PayPal drop down window below.

  1. Contact Us With the Information Listed Below
  2. Include the city on the IWOAS you want to advertise on.
  3. Include the web address of your web site.
  4. Include contact information name, phone number, and email
What will happen after you pay your one time fee of $25 via PayPal and send us an email with the information above is

First...we'll look at your site and start building your banner ad. We'll create and post the ad to the page you requested. This may take up to three days if the demand is high. We'll be in contact with you to approve the look of the ad.

Second...we'll create a directory for that page and contact you to submit a paragraph about your company. We'll put you in the directory which will be a permanent link to your site.

Third...We'll contact you to get information for a ten to fifteen second audio ad that we'll periodically place in our audio network for interstate forecasts and wedding weather forecasts. This will be also a lifetime benefit. Some of our audio forecasts get thousands of listeners each month.

Important Note: We are a business built on honesty and integrity. We want to be sure you understand that we are offering 10 lifetime ads per page. After that we'll offer 5 additional ad spaces sold on a month to month basis. The ads will be displayed randomly on the page. So for life there will be no more than 15 ads displayed on the page. They will be permantly displayed in the business directory and the listings stay forever even if it's a monthly sale.

Pay $25 for Your Lifetime Ad with the secure PayPal Button Below. If you haven't used PayPal it is very easy.

What Category best fits your $25 purchase
Try one of our high traffic pages with a $50 lifetime ad below!



Wedding Index

Get a giant banner ad that is displayed at the top of any of our Outdoor Wedding Weather Index pages for specific cities across the United States.

$25 For Life

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Wedding Index Advertising

Most Popular

These pages get the most traffic during the year. Some get 8,000 visitors a month!

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Popular Advertising


Get a giant banner ad that is displayed at the top of any of our interstate weather forecast pages. We're in the top three of most interstate weather searches!

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Interstate Advertising


Display your ad by the weather observation for a specific city along our popular Interstate Weather Observation and Alert system. Users love this product!

$25 For Life

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IWOAS Advertising