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Interstate 75 Weather, I75 Weather, I-75 WeatherInterstate 75 Flooding Update Georgia and Tennessee

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Interstate 75 Weather

Interstate 75 Weather Forecast Information is Loading! Hear the I-75 Weather Briefing that will automatically start playing. Use the I-75 Radars below or scroll down to see Interstate 75 Weather for yourself with I-75 Weather Cams. This Interstate 75 Weather forecast is great for Truckers, RVs, Cars, Motorcycles, Vacationers, Salesmen, or anyone. The NOAA Radars and Temperature Forecasts are not copyrighted to this site and are for public use.Click to get Current I-75 Weather Conditions

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Detroit High Temperature, Detroit Low Temperature, Buffalo High Temperature, Buffalo Low Temperature, Syracuse High Temperature, Syracuse Low Temperature, Cleveland High Temperature, Cleveland Low Temperature, Pittsburgh High Temperature, Pittsburgh Low Temperature, Fort Wayne High Temperature, Fort Wayne Low Temperature, Indianapolis High Temperature, Indianapolis Low Temperature, Saginaw High Temperature, Saginaw Low TemperatureWashington DC High Temperature, Washington DC Low Temperature, Charleston West Virginia High Temperature, Charleston West Virginia Low Temperature, Cincinnati High Temperature, Cincinnati Low Temperature, Richmond High Temperature, Richmond Low Temperature, Raleigh Durham High Temperature, Raleigh Durham Low Temperature, Charlotte High Temperature, Charlotte Low Temperature, Atlanta High Temperature, Atlanta Low Temperature, Knoxville High Temperature, Knoxville Low Temperature, Richmond High Temperature, Richmond Low Temperature, Myrtle Beach High Temperature, Myrtle Beach Low Temperature, Cape Hatteras High Temperature, Cape Hatteras Low Temperature, Charleston South Carolina High Temperature, Charleston South Carolina Low Temperature
Jacksonville High Temperature, Jacksonville Low Temperature, Orlando High Temperature, Orlando Low Temperature, Tampa High Temperature, Tampa Low Temperature, Miami High Temperature, Miami Low Temperature, Key West High Temperature, Key West Low Temperature, New Orleans High Temperature, New Orleans Low Temperature, Mobile High Temperature, Mobile Low Temperature, Birmingham High Temperature, Birmingham Low Temperature

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I-75 Ohio Weather Cams

I75 Ohio Weather Cam DaytonI75 Cincinnatti Weather Cam at I71 Richwood

I-75 Tennessee Weather Cams

I75 Knoxville Tennessee Weather CamI75 Chattanooga Tennessee Weather Cam at I24

I-75 Georgia Weather Cams

Interstate 75 Web Cams in Georgia

Interstate 75 Weather History

July 1994 Over 400,000 acres of farmland in Georgia were flooded, where water covered at least 60,000 acres of peanuts, 19,000 acres of cotton, and 10,000 acres of corn. Alabama also reported over 400,000 acres to have been flooded or damaged. In Georgia alone, the flood waters covered an area the size of Massachusetts and Rhode Island combined. In Georgia, Alabama, and Florida combined, over 900,000 acres were under water at one time. Also, 300,000 Georgia residents were left without safe drinking water for periods ranging up to 3 weeks. In Bainbridge GA, National Guard troops and prison inmates built a 10 foot earthen dam to protect a fertilizer plant. Luckily, due to their efforts and the flood crest at Bainbridge being lower than expected, the dam held. On one Georgia farm, a quarter of a million chickens were reportedly killed by the flooding. Over 100 dams were breached in Georgia, and Interstate 75 was covered with over 4 feet of water in places, forcing its closure for 60 hours.