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Interstate 70 Weather, I70 Weather, I-70 Weather

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Interstate 70 Weather

Interstate 70 Weather Forecast Information is Loading! Hear the I-70 Weather Briefing that will automatically start playing. Use the I-70 Radars below or scroll down to see Interstate 70 Weather for yourself with I-70 Weather Cams. This Interstate 70 Weather forecast is great for Truckers, RVs, Cars, Motorcycles, Vacationers, Salesmen, or anyone. The NOAA Radars and Temperature Forecasts are not copyrighted to this site and are for public use.Click to get Current I-70 Weather Conditions

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Interstate 70 Weather Radars

Interstate 70 Weather Forecast High and Low Temperatures

Boston High Temperature, Boston Low Temperature, New York High Temperature, New York Low Temperature, Concord High Temperature, Concord Low Temperature, Harford High Temperature, Harford Low Temperature, New York City High Temperature, New York City Low Temperature, Philadelphia High Temperature, Philadelphia Low Temperature
Detroit High Temperature, Detroit Low Temperature, Buffalo High Temperature, Buffalo Low Temperature, Syracuse High Temperature, Syracuse Low Temperature, Cleveland High Temperature, Cleveland Low Temperature, Pittsburgh High Temperature, Pittsburgh Low Temperature, Fort Wayne High Temperature, Fort Wayne Low Temperature, Indianapolis High Temperature, Indianapolis Low Temperature, Saginaw High Temperature, Saginaw Low Temperature
St. Louis High Temperature, St. Louis Low Temperature, Des Moines High Temperature, Des Moines  Low Temperature, Jonesboro High Temperature, Jonesboro  Low Temperature, Kansas City High Temperature, Kansas City Low Temperature, Fargo High Temperature, Fargo Low Temperature, Chicago High Temperature, Chicago Low Temperature, Louisville High Temperature, Louisville Low Temperature, Springfield High Temperature, Springfield Low Temperature
Bismark High Temperature, Bismark Low Temperature, Rapid City High Temperature, Rapid City Low Temperature, Billings High Temperature, Billings Low Temperature, Havre High Temperature, Havre Low Temperature
San Francisco High Temperature, San Francisco Low Temperature, Reno High Temperature, Reno Low Temperature, Salt Lake City High Temperature, Salt Lake City Low Temperature, Elko High Temperature, Elko Low Temperature, Fresno High Temperature, Fresno Low Temperature, Las Vegas High Temperature, Las Vegas Low Temperature, Phoenix High Temperature, Phoenix Low Temperature, Los Angeles High Temperature, Los Angeles Low Temperature, San Diego High Temperature, San Diego Low Temperature, Flagstaff High Temperature, Flagstaff Low Temperature, Tucson High Temperature, Tucson Low Temperature

Interstate 70 Traffic Cams

I-70 Ohio Weather Cams

I70 Ohio at ColumbusI70 Ohio in Dayton

I-70 Indiana Weather Cams

Interstate 70 Web Cams in Indiana

I-70 Kansas Weather Cams

I-70 West in Kansas City just west of I-435I-70 East just east of Kansas City at Adams Dairy

I-70 Denver Weather Cams

I70 Denver west at York just east of I25I70 Hanging Lake Tunnel on the way to Grand Junction

Interstate 70 Weather History

IN 1984 Blowing snow closed Interstate 70 east of Denver stranding over a thousand travelers in Limom, Colorado. Denver received only 2.3 inches of snow and north winds gusted to 31 mph at Stapleton International Airport.

November 1983 A Thanksgiving blizzard dumped 21.5 inches of snow in thirty seven hours with a maximum snow total of 18 inches on the ground at Stapleton International Airport. This wasn’t a good situation for Interstate 70 or any other interstates east of Denver. All were closed down. Stapleton Airport shut down for twenty four hours.

November 1986 The worst snow storm of the season dumped from 5 inches at Stapleton International Airport to 14 inches at higher elevations. This was terrible for those traveling Interstate 70 during on of the busiest travel days of the year, the Sunday after Thanksgiving..