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Interstate 4 Weather, I4 Weather, I-4 Weather
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Interstate 4 Weather

Interstate 4 Weather Forecast Information is Loading! Standby and Hear the I-4 Weather Briefing that will automatically start playing in about 20 seconds. Use the I-4 Radars below or scroll down to see Interstate 4 Weather for yourself with I-4 Weather Cams. This Interstate 4 Weather forecast is great for Truckers, RVs, Cars, Motorcycles, Vacationers, Salesmen, or anyone. The NOAA Radars and Temperature Forecasts are not copyrighted to this site and are for public use.

Interstate 4 Weather Radars

Interstate 4 Weather Forecast High and Low Temperatures

Jacksonville High Temperature, Jacksonville Low Temperature, Orlando High Temperature, Orlando Low Temperature, Tampa High Temperature, Tampa Low Temperature, Miami High Temperature, Miami Low Temperature, Key West High Temperature, Key West Low Temperature, New Orleans High Temperature, New Orleans Low Temperature, Mobile High Temperature, Mobile Low Temperature, Birmingham High Temperature, Birmingham Low Temperature

Interstate 4 Traffic Cams

I-4 Maine Weather Cams

I-4 Connecticut Weather Cam I4 Massachusetts Weather Cam

I4 Route 128 Burlington MassI4 Bridgeport Connecticut Exit 27

I-4 North Carolina Weather Cam I4 South Carolina Weather Cam

I4 North Carolina at I40 Exit 80I4 South Carolina Florence

I-4 Florida Weather Cams

I4 Miami Florida

Interstate 4 Weather History

January 6-13, 1996 The entire I-4 corridor from near the North Carolina border into New England was paralyzed. Many rural and some residential areas did not see a snow plow for 5 days. The Federal Government remained shut down for another 4 days. Many local governments and businesses were also closed. Schools announced their closure for the entire week and some were closed longer. A second storm struck on Friday, January 12 dumping another 2 to 6 inches. A maximum of 10 inches of snow fell over Highland and western Loudoun Counties. By the week's end, most of Virginia, west of Richmond, had seen 2 to 4 feet of snow! Most areas to the east had received at least a foot.

2002 One of the most damaging ice storms of the year took place on December 4. Freezing rain fell from southern Virginia to northern Georgia, with the Carolinas bearing the brunt of the ice storm. A layer of ice one-half to one-inch thick toppled trees and power lines, leaving 1.5 million customers without power in North Carolina and many others in the dark in South Carolina. The same storm spread five to eight inches of snow from Washington, D.C., to New York City on the 5th, resulting in more snow in one day than the I-4 corridor saw during the entire 2001–2002 winter season.

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