writing a wedding engagement
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Wedding Engagements

How To Write A Wedding Engagement Announcement

Wedding Engagements can be fun and the memories last forever. Two pairs of eyes were watching. They were as attentive and quiet as a nine year old boy and a seven year old girl could be knowing I was about to ask their mom to marry me. Everyone thought it would be on Christmas but the December birthday seemed like a better fit. The ring was placed on the candle held by the angel sitting on top of the Christmas tree. She was my angel and the last seven years have been the best of my life. That was my engagement story and I hope your engagement is the start of a long life together. But after the engagement how do you write up an announcement for the paper or online wedding website. Here are 5 things to do when writing up your engagement announcement.
  1. One...Ask the parents if they want to write it up or have your write it up. This is a big thing in most parentsí eyes and the mother of the bride or groom want to let the world know about the upcoming wedding! Before drawing up and posting the announcement clear it with them first. There will be many parents who wouldnít mind if you wrote it up and posted it. If that is your case then include the parents in the first part of the announcement with the brides first. Mr. and Mrs. Smith of Somewhere the parents of Miss Molly Smith along with Mr. and Mrs. Jones of Somewhere announceÖ.. In many cases grandparents and step parents will be included in this process.
  2. Two...Then itís about the bride and groom. Starting with the bride elaborate a little on who she is by including where sheís from, the high school graduated from, college attended, and current place of work. Do the same for the groom. Details like age are optional.
  3. Three...This part is most often overlooked when posting but I think is the coolest part to announce. Tell the story of how the engagement happened. This has to be done carefully especially if there is a limit to how much you can include. If itís allowed then go for it. Every engagement is unique and special and letís face it the majority of readers like the romantic.
  4. Four...Where and when the wedding is. Most donít have a time pinpointed. If youíre thinking around a time include that. Any information here is of value because your future guests will get a ballpark figure to start requesting time off from work if needed.
  5. Five...Start the party. Have an announcement party or get together. Organize something with family members and friends on the day itís in the paper or put on-line. You may want to surprise some by posting the paper with the engagement on the door or in some noticeable spot before they come over. Or have it up online and have them check out this cool thing you found on the computer.

These five things will help you write an effective wedding announcement. Donít let money stop you from posting. If you canít afford it we at BridalWeather.comģ will post it for free! Now get to planning and donít forget to get your Wedding Weather Forecast!